Wednesday, April 18, 2012

How To Find Your Inner Freak

Your coming home from shopping....

Hey baby! I went shopping today, look at this black dress I bought do you love it? its a good thing I caught it on sale otherwise I wouldn't afford it. (pause)..

( watching TV ) I'm sorry sweetheart I weren't paying attention, what did you say?..

It's okay!...

You decide to try the dress on to see how it looks but you want your man's attention, so what is the next step to catch his attention?

1. Wear some sexy perfume/body spray, a man love the way how a woman smell its a big turn on for most men the other percentage pretty much don't care how a woman smell as long as it ladylike. I'm not a big fan of perfume i perferr body spray something that isn't that strong so maybe a few spray of your favorite body spray will catch his attention a mile away from the bedroom!.

2. Pick a all natural makeup, what ever colors that is neutral for your skin color. It don't have to be loud colors but if you like to add a little fun with it add some glitter like eye shadow for instant, men prefer natural beauty more than a mask of makeup on your face.So, just keep it simple.

3. Choose the right shoes for that particular dress, pumps and stelitos are great choices, remember you want every bit of attention from your man so let me share a secret with you about men and can be a woman best friend, its true! it compliments the outfit or dress your wearing either you want to be divas, wild, or put a little swag to it men love shoes on woman especially if it bring the curves out of you but they rather see you with just the shoes by itself. Whenever your man is ready for sex make sure you leave the pumps on, here, you are taking control of how wild and spontaneous you want the sex to be.

4. Now its time to put the game to the test. Walk in front of your man and ask him this..

5. " what do you think?"!. in the meantime wait for his response it may take a while or it may take no time at all but the response you need to look for is ''i wanta take that dress off" of course he may say wow your gorgeous! or wow thats hot/sexy but remember don't fall for his trap, you want to be in control this will be a big tease for him.

Ex: "Well I was just trying it out,to see how you like it, I think it makes my butt big don't you think"?

Men will say anything just to sink their teeth into some booty (literally) don't give away the cookie just yet play with it alittle til he can't take it no more when the right time come he'll want you so bad that he may have the best orgasm.

Tips: For extra fun try taking photos or record a video for your man, feel confident of how good you look in your new outfit. Spice it up with different poses, when you're ready to send the pics or vids add  a message letting him know how much you want him when he gets off from work!